Efficient technical reviews of applications

Of any complexity, big or small

Simplify Your Architecture.
Have services in the cloud, integrated applications or legacy systems?

Complex architectures affect your TCO, business scale and system availability.

Define a clean architecture and build for robustness.

Get a custom architecture review for as little as $830.

Define Clean and Robust API's.
Not sure of your API definition, granularity or versioning?

Rigid and complex API's impact business agility and evolution.

With a custom API ηReview you can define clean, robust and flexible API's to help grow your business, at an affordable cost of $830.

Benefit from Expert Advice.
Laurence Melloul, Enterprise SOA Architect, has more than 15 years of experience in building Internet applications.

Since she has started her consulting company in NY, Laurence has consulted with large organizations as well as startups.

You may contact Laurence for advice on strategy and execution.

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